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The WSIB Health & Safety Excellence program offers financial incentives for firms to learn and implement specific health and safety topics of your choosing in a one-year time-line. The financial incentives vary depending on your size but thanks to the WSIB’s Smaller Business Incentive for firms with fewer than 100 FTE from now till the end of 2023, there has never been a better time to join this program. Right now, smaller firms can receive $1000 to offset registration costs in addition to double the rebates on completed topics.

To participate a firm must register through one of 18 approved providers – including the IHSA.

Maren Gamble of IHSA will be at OCA Education Centre on November 29 to provide an overview of the program, the financial incentives, what you can expect in terms of the safety homework you will have to do as well as the cost of registering with the IHSA (small firm under 50 employees - $605, medium firms 50 to 99 employees- $1,210, large firms over 100 employees - $2,410).  

Learn more at IHSA program.

Intended Audience

All firms interested in learning more about the WSIB Health & Safety Excellence Program

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