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 Risk Management is about anticipating changes, issues, and delays before they happen: being pro-active instead of firefighting. Learn to create a professional risk management plan, including Risk Registers, Mitigation Plans, and Risk Calendars. The course follows PMI ™ and Construction Association methodologies.

A good Risk Management plan will help you

  • Deliver on time and on budget.
  • Minimize your exposure to financial loss.
  • Transfer know-how and experience.
  • Improve your business processes.
  • Put you ahead of your competition.

This 3-hour hands-on webinar will give you a comprehensive understanding of risk management in the construction industry. Risk Management for Construction will lead you through the process of identifying, analyzing, prioritizing, and responding to risk factors throughout the duration of a project. Proper risk management will reduce the likelihood of a risk occurring, and the magnitude of its impact, helping to improve your overall productivity and performance.


  • Identifying Risk
  • Risk Event Statements
  • Qualitative/Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Impact
  • Planning for Risk
  • Documenting Risk
  • Risk Response: Executing the Plan

Upon completion of this workshop, you will be better able to:

  • Identify risks and assess potential project risk factors
  • Develop effective risk response strategies
  • Control risk during project execution
  • Use a practical 6-step process to manage project risk
  • Write a risk management plan for a project
  • Build a companywide repository of risk management best practices

To help you document the risk management process, the cost of the course includes a three-month subscription to RiskMP software. RiskMP is a practical approach to risk management – a tool that allows you to formalize a continuous risk management process.

Enrollment is limited to ensure that each participant receives individualized attention. This is a hands-on workshop. We will utilize screen sharing software and file sharing software to present the course and exercises. You may share your screen to get personalized assistance with your work.