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Is a fun interactive full day session designed for anyone who is in a leadership role who wants to have more influence with the people who they may be currently leading or trying to gain influence with. We are today more than ever working in very trying conditions,

where our roles are being continually tested to not only lead our seasoned employees, but the next generation team member who may not respond well to our current leadership practices. What helped us become a success today, may be holding you back from being even more successful tomorrow

What got us here, won’t get us there. We can all learn to strengthen our soft skills or people skills, by using these easy yet time tested methods. Learn how we can be a more personable leader that people will want to follow. If our people, including sub trades, are our biggest asset, then our people skills had better be our strength. With today’s serious skills shortage, we need to be focused on how we can be better than our competitor in attracting and retaining our most valuable asset, our people. 


Mark Nesbitt - Nesbitt Training

Mark Nesbitt accumulated over 30 years of experience, expertise and leadership in the Ottawa construction supervisory and managerial roles including General Manager of Quarry Operations for one of Ontario's top aggregate producers.