Candidates Seeking Employment

The OCA posts resumes of candidates seeking employment in the construction industry.

Resumes are posted for a period of six months.

Stephanie Arce Zavaleta

Ottawa ON

Highly skilled and results-oriented construction professional with expertise in safety management systems. Dedicated to bringing a safety-centric approach to construction project management. Adept at efficiently processing organizational documentation, administering document platforms, and coordinating effective communication flows. Proven track record in reducing workplace incidents, improving safety compliance, and maintaining accurate real estate documentation.

Alok Dua

Ottawa ON

I'm an incisive professional with over twenty years of progressively responsible experience in project management and structural design as an Army Officer in the Corps of Engineers. My employment with government agencies has helped me develop essential skills like coordinating with vendors, negotiating costs, and dealing with subordinate engineers to ensure seamless operations. I am skilled in swiftly ramping up projects and ensuring on-time deliverables. Deft at constructing roads, PEB structures, RC structures, and runways. Comprehensive knowledge of Canadian and Indian design standards, National Building Code, and Ontario Building Codes. A knack for learning new technologies. Adequate experience in Windows OS, MS Office, and MS Project. Design software skills include LS-DYNA, SAP2000, STAAD Pro, Revit, Robot, Matlab, and ABAQUS. After finishing my Ph.D. in 2019, I have focused on sharing my unique skillset of industry experience and research on the 'Design of Protective Structures' with the academic community. I have authored more than ten publications in this area of research and have taught six courses as an instructor and teaching assistant. Six Graduate students have successfully completed their graduate thesis under my supervision, one of whom was awarded the best thesis award at the University. I am currently transitioning my industry, military and academic skill sets to Ottawa, Canada and would be happy to connect with people.

Jacqueline Gee

Ottawa ON

A high experienced Assistant Administrator who takes all tasks accurate and exceeds the client’s expectation. An extraordinary employee with strong skills in data entry/accounting, customer and client/experience with confidence who brings am asset to the company with positive experience and gain skill/knowledge from a potential company. I am looking for a full-time permanent/contract position in an office related environment.

Madouri Aymen

Ottawa ON

An experienced Bilingual BIM Manager and Foreign Architect with a knack for turning architectural visions into reality. Proficient in top-notch BIM software and a master of project coordination. Certified in French and English, with an innate talent for team leadership and negotiation. Track record of overseeing architectural studies, project planning, and quality control. Passionate about travel, philosophy, and yoga for personal growth and focus. Ready to elevate your projects to new heights.

Sunzida Ferdoues

Ottawa ON

•2+ years of experience working in construction and plumbing industry for specification, design and quotation. •Skilled in designing, fabricating, assembling, and troubleshooting experimental setups using software such as SolidWorks and AutoCAD. •Proficient in writing scripts for batch data processing and interpretation using MATLAB, Excel •Familiarity with documentation of work procedures, methodologies, equipment usage, and effective communication with colleagues. •Experience in setting up lab and field experiments, validating procedures, resolving problems, and communicating instructions to support staff. •Working experience with LabView •Strong knowledge of applied practices and concepts for measuring indoor environment parameters and ventilation parameters. •Ability to operate mechanical or electrical tools and equipment for experimental setup. •In-progress application for Engineering-in-Training (EIT) •Excellent proficiency in Microsoft Office software.

Saeed Rahimi Komsari

Ottawa ON

Detail-oriented team player with strong organizational skills. Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously with a high degree of accuracy.

Hocine Boudjelti

Ottawa ON

Douze (12) années d’expérience dans le domaine de la construction et la gestion des projets. Diplôme universitaire en Génie Civil. Une très bonne communication interpersonnelle et ouverture d’esprit. Parfaite organisation, sens de détail et de responsabilité. Agir avec honnêteté et respect. Capacité d’analyse, résolution de problèmes et prendre de décision Dispositions à l’apprentissage et capacité d’adaptation aux changements. Maitrise de Microsoft office, outils de téléconférence. Langues : Français, Anglais, Arabe.

Juan Zhang

Ottawa ON

•Over 15 years of experience in work relevant to the engineering and construction field •Post-graduate certificate in Project Management at Algonquin College •P.Eng is pending •Strong planning, organizational, and time management skills to deal with multiple tasks and projects simultaneously •Good customer service mentality when working with internal and external stakeholders •Problem-solver and detail-oriented person with supportive leadership •A quick learner and keep learning to improve my knowledge and capabilities •Excellent verbal and written communication skills •Knowledge of OBC, IBC, PIP and NFPA •Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, MS Project, AutoCAD and Civil 3D