Candidates Seeking Employment

The OCA posts resumes of candidates seeking employment in the construction industry.

Resumes are posted for a period of six months.

Santiago Márquez

Ottawa ON

Civil Engineer with an extensive experience in large and medium constructions seeking employment in Ottawa region. Proven leader, proactive and diligent with a great ability for decision-making and problem solving. Ability to read and interpret blueprints, schematics, field drawings and plans. Adaptability to new environments and eagerness to learn new skills.

Riley Boyle

Ottawa ON

An educated and motivated individual with experience in the construction and agriculture fields seeking employment in Ottawa. Skilled at creating design files, performing accurate field surveys, and processing data collected in the field. Proficient user of Trimble software and equipment, as well as AutoCAD and Microsoft Office. A quick learner eager to apply and expand a diverse skill set to a new working environment.

Mahmut Demirden

Ottawa ON

Valuable experience on project management and coordination with government and private stakeholders on multi-million construction projects in international market. Cooperation with respectable contractors on infrastructure and commercial projects. Valuable experience and theoretical, technical, on-site know-how on concrete formwork and scaffolding systems. Knowledgeable on various areas such as sales, logistics, manufacturing, and accounting.

Erin Daley

Ottawa ON

Strategic, results-oriented, and top-performing administrative coordinator with experience leading the full scope of office administration, including payroll administration, governmental disbursements, accounts payable and collections, and billing & receivables tracking. Impeccable business acumen with outstanding project management skills and verifiable experience providing high-quality business administration support. Articulate communicator and negotiator with a career-long record of working effectively with all management levels, other professionals, and clients. Interpersonal expert with advanced skills in negotiating, influencing, and verbal and written communication.

Jawad Junaid

Ottawa ON

A graduate Civil Technologist with high ambitions to join a dynamic and progressive multinational civil process company to excel in delivering value in an innovative and dynamic environment, where enthusiasm, dedication and the ability to manage tasks effectively and efficiently are prerequisite in driving the organization forward to their goals