Websites of the 3 levels of Government should be monitored

  • Ottawa Public HealthCLICK HERE – Share this website with your employees!
  • Ontario Ministry of Health Novel CoronavirusCLICK HERE
  • Federal Government Coronavirus websiteCLICK HERE

Ontario “Stop the Spread” Business Information Line – 1-888-444-3659

Employer Template Letter for Quebec work/travel during curfew

Resources to Assist Contractors to Develop COVID-19 Policy

Sample Protocol for Jobsite Measures to Protect Against COVID-19 – OCA has developed a template as an aid for contractors to develop their own jobsite COVID-19 safety plan.  The document is a compilation of best practices that have been shared with OCA and requires an employer to adapt to their firm. Suggested standards, protocols are all subject to change as all should appreciate this is a fluid situation.  CLICK HERE to download the WORD version.

IHSA Construction Guides
  1. Worker procedures handing paperwork
  2. Worker responsibilities
  3. Supervisor responsibilities
  4. Construction facility hygiene
  5. Best practices for employer responding to a suspected COVID-19 exposure
  6. Sharing tools (hand tools)
  7. Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  8. Handling and receiving packages
  9. Responding to a suspected COVID-19 exposure if you are:
    • An employer
    • A constructor
Other Jobsite Development Resources:
Suppliers – Below is a list of links to suppliers of PPE, Physical Distancing and Cleaning products