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Dispatchers perform a key role that is critical to the successful operation of any service business. As the company's primary representative with the client, the dispatcher provides the nerve centre for service scheduling, resource allocation, priority setting, and final customer satisfaction – all elements of a good customer service function.

Professional dispatchers can improve company productivity by getting the most from limited service resources, building strong customer relationships, and understanding their service technicians and service managers needs and capabilities. Many dispatchers don't reach their full potential because they have not had the opportunity to acquire or fully develop the complex skill set needed to be effective in this role.

This dispatcher training program closes that gap with a comprehensive training course created specifically for service dispatchers. This program goes beyond traditional technical training to help develop the advanced skills needed to be highly effective in the dispatcher role. By completing this program, dispatchers will be able to improve their job performance and more effectively contribute to the success of the company.

This highly interactive program will include presentations, group exercises, self assessment tools, and discussion groups. 

Program Outline

Module 1: The Dispatcher and the Service Organization

  • The Dispatcher's influence in the organization
  • The Dispatcher's impact on profitability

Module 2: Communication Skills for the Dispatcher

  • Communication skills for interfacing with all types of people
  • Four styles of communication

Module 3: Partnering with the Service Technician

  • The life of a service call
  • Walking in the technician's boots
  • Prioritizing service calls
  • Matching technician ability to customers and problems
  • The art of asking the right questions

Module 4: Servicing the Customer

  • What Technicians Need from their Dispatchers
  • Levels of customer satisfaction
  • How to turn No's into positives
  • Handling difficult customers
  • Steps to rapid service recovery
  • Applying the finishing touches with correct follow-up

Module 5: Managing the Service Manager

  • Managing upward
  • Benchmark self-evaluation
  • Interpersonal, self-management and technical skills
  • Taking charge of your job and career

Module 6: Working with the rest of the team

  • A day in the life of a Dispatcher
  • Getting rid of stress
  • Personal action plan

Intended Audience

New and experienced dispatchers

Related Info

The program will run for two full days. The fee includes a complete and comprehensive manual, coffee and lunch both days.


Richard Worr

Richard Worr is a senior industry manager and leading educator with over 35 years of industry experience in North American and International markets. His accomplishments in the industrial, commercial, and institutional marketplace include corporate training and organizational management experience in the areas of management, strategic development, contract administration, customer service, project management, estimating and executive leadership. Richard is a highly acclaimed instructor who works closely with Construction Education Council (CEC, formerly CMCEF) having taught literally thousands of contractors at various seminars, workshops, and conferences.

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