Back on Track Physiotherapy & Health Centers have been serving the Ottawa area since 1994. We have treated thousands of clients suffering from many types of problems including sports injuries, low back pain, whiplash, strains and many other symptoms. We serve our clients from 11 locations in Ottawa and the surrounding area. Our focus is centered on spending quality one-on-one time with the client. Our mandate is to provide highly skilled therapies for pain control and return of function.

What to Expect:
• Hands-on treatment that may include joint mobilization/manipulation, muscle stretching and myofascial work for pain relief and improved mobility
• Modalities such as ultrasound, interferential current, electrical muscle stimulation, acupuncture, and TENS for pain relief, improved healing, and increased circulation
• We make sure the client fully understands their condition, the cause(s), and what to do to help themselves and avoid re-injury.
• Science-based exercise programs individualized to each client that can be done at home, in our fully equipped gym, or at a local fitness facility

As a client of Back on Track you can count on a thorough biomechanical physiotherapy assessment to determine the cause of your problem and an appropriate treatment program, significant time spent with your therapist, and to be taught skills to take control of your pain.

If you are in pain contact us today at one of our clinics to schedule your Initial Physiotherapy Assessment and as an Ottawa Construction Association member receive a $25 savings on our regular fee.