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A good foreman is often a company's most valuable asset. Their leadership and ability to manage cost, schedule, safety, and quality distinguish high-performing foremen. The most effective foremen possess certain traits that set them apart from average-performing foremen. This course covers in-depth the top habits of the most effective foremen.

Understanding Crew Behavior and Communicating the Rules of the Game (The 10-80-10 Rule)

  • Control the 102 minutes of waste
  • Watch The TIME (Tools, Information, Materials, and Environment)

Effective Participation in the Turnover Meeting

  • What foremen need to know from estimators
  • Development of the manpower loading curve

Preparing and Managing the Two-Week Look-Ahead Schedule

  • What should be included in the Two-Weeks look-Ahead
  • Standard Two-Week look ahead form

Keeping Accurate Records of the Daily Logs

Conduct Daily Huddle

  • Known tasks and set up goals (Who, What, Where, When and How)
  • Example of foreman pre-task planning sheet

Effective Materials Handling and Management

  • The Golden Triangle
  • The 30-30 rule

Setting Production Goals and Tracking

  • Short Term and achievable
  • What Goals and how

Change Order Management and Time and Material Tickets

            * Standard Form of T&M Tickets

Intended Audience

New, existing, and aspiring foremen


Dr. Awad Hanna - Hanna Consulting Group

“The Rockstar of Construction Training”

Dr. Hanna is a distinguished researcher and author in the fields of labour productivity, company productivity, project management, estimating, change orders, LEAN construction and project delivery systems. He is the most cited researcher in construction productivity and has taught thousands of seminars on construction techniques and management skills in the United States, Canada and worldwide.

 Dr. Hanna  is the Boldt Company Professor and Chair of the Program in Construction Engineering & Management at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Dr. Hanna is an Elected Member of the National Academy of Construction and is a national speaker to the National Electrical Contractors Association and Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada.