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As the skilled workforce in the construction industry approaches retirement, there is an urgent need to pass on invaluable knowledge and expertise to the next generation. Our comprehensive training course aims to equip experienced professionals with the tools and techniques necessary to cultivate a skilled workforce capable of upholding the industry's standards. Through a carefully curated curriculum, participants will gain a profound understanding of the crucial steps in their internal processes, mastering key points fundamental to successful projects and emphasizing the "why" behind every decision and approach. Our course goes beyond surface-level instruction, empowering trainees to comprehend the rationale and principles driving best practices. By bridging the generational gap and fostering a culture of knowledge transfer, our program serves as a vital step toward ensuring a seamless transition and a sustainable future for the construction industry. Join us on this mission to preserve and elevate the legacy of excellence in construction through the power of comprehensive training and knowledge-sharing. Let's cultivate a culture of learning and excellence within your organization.


Mark Nesbitt - Nesbitt Training

Mark Nesbitt accumulated over 30 years of experience, expertise and leadership in the Ottawa construction supervisory and managerial roles including General Manager of Quarry Operations for one of Ontario's top aggregate producers.

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This course aims to address the imminent retirement of experienced professionals in the construction industry and the need to pass on their knowledge and expertise to the next generation. It will equip these experienced professionals with the necessary tools and techniques to train and cultivate a skilled workforce that can uphold the industry's standards.