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Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction
• Course introduction
• Introduction to Revu for Drawing Management

Module 2: Introduction to Sets
• What is a Bluebeam Revu “Set”?
• The Sets Panel
• How to open a set
• How to navigate a set
• How to view superseded sheets in a set

Module 3: Creating a New Set
• Where to start
• Adding initial drawings to a set
• Exploring the default Categories
• Exploring the default Tags
• Saving the set

Module 4: Categories
• AIA standards vs the Canadian way
• How to change the Categories in a new/existing set
• How to change the default Categories for new sets

Module 5: Tags

• What is a Bluebeam Revu “Tag”?
• How to change the Tags in a new
• The Revision Number Tag - best practice
• Adding a custom Tag - why you should
• How to change the default Tags for new sets
• How to change Tags in an existing set

Module 6: Adding Change and Revision Documents to a Set
• What is a “Change and Revision Document”?
• Where should you save your Change and Revision Documents?
• Set your Tags when adding Change and Revision Documents
• Critical things to watch out for

Module 7: Publishing Sets
• Printing Sets (why would you print them, when digital is so much better?)
• Publish to a combined PDF - “Conforming Sets with dates”
• Publish to a Drawing Log

Module 8: Cloud Hosting Options
• Studio - Pro’s and Con’s
• Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and similar - Pro’s and Con’s
• How relative Hyperlinks work when hosting on various platforms
• How absolute Hyperlinks work when hosting on various platforms
• Bottom lines to follow

Module 9: Wrap-up
• What to watch out for?
• How to resolve future challenges

Intended Audience

Any field or office professionals in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry that needs to manage construction documents. These are typically individuals that work for the Owner, Architect, Engineer, Developer, Construction Manager, or General Contractor. Most trade contractors do not need to maintain as-built
drawings and may find this course unnecessary for their needs.


Related Info

1 Gold Seal Credit

Recommended Computer Setup

You will need TWO screens for the training to be effective.

  • The first screen needs to be a Windows computer with Bluebeam Revu 2020
  • The second screen is to display the Zoom meeting (this could be a second monitor, a larger tablet (9" +) or a smart phone displayed on to a TV.


  • The Hyperlinks and Managing Drawing Revisions course is a REQUIRED prerequisite for this course
  • A working knowledge of the use of personal computers
  • A working knowledge of RFI’s, SI’s, and other change documentation
  • Bluebeam Revu Basics training course

• Familiarity with PDF documents
• Scroll wheel mouse
• Microsoft Office Suite installed
• Familiarity with the use of Microsoft Office software such as Word, Excel,PowerPoint
• Familiarity with sending / receiving email

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