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Whenever we make a purchasing decision our primary concern soon falls to cost. In the same way, once a construction need, desire or investment opportunity is established, the next question is often “what will that cost, can we afford it, and does this make economic sense?” Budget estimates answer all of those questions, but only if proper techniques and procedures combined with intelligence and expertise are employed, and only if the budget continues to develop in harmony with available design information.

This course will cover:

  • Defining and categorizing construction budgets
  • Reasons for accurate construction budgets
  • Establishing feasibility
  • Hard vs soft costs
  • Various budgeting techniques
  • Cost planning, cost analysis and lifecycle cost comparisons
  • Value engineering
  • Analogous, Parametric and Elemental Processes
  • Uniformat & CIQS elemental formats
  • Class of budget estimates as established by Canadian contract documents

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, participant will be able to:

  1. Clearly define construction budgeting.
  2. Identify and categorize several types of construction budgets.
  3. List several budget estimating processes and procedures.
  4. Differentiate between several common processes.
  5. Understand timelines with respect to budget development.
  6. Implement the use of budget estimating tools.



Ralph Lembcke P. GSC., (full bio)

Navigating the world of construction is a complicated process. The industry has its own language, culture and conventions. Who better to help you chart a course than someone with over 40 years experience both as a contractor and as a college level construction professor? Ralph combines practical knowledge with proven communication skills to provide you with no-nonsense, clear, concise and, occasionally humorous, learning experiences for a well-rounded understanding of our complicated industry.

Intended Audience

Construction industry professionals, project managers, estimators, owners and consultants should understand how a budget develops and where the pitfalls and risks lie with respect to construction budget estimating.