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As a Supervisor, you have the opportunity to be the cornerstone of your company's success. Your role is much more than overseeing the work of a construction crew. It involves managing unique people in unique situations. This course will challenge you to become more than simply the boss; it will challenge you to become an authentic leader.

This course will help you establish yourself as an effective Supervisor by introducing you to leadership principles necessary to your role, and defining qualities and strategies to expedite your success as a leader in construction.  This course will also highlight some of the challenges Supervisors encounter to ensure you are better equipped on the job site.


  • What a Supervisor Is… And is Not
    • Leadership is a decision, not a position
    • Your job is to facilitate, structure and plan the work of others
    • It's NOT about doing the work anymore
    • You will be held responsible for everything
    • You have amazing power to do good
    • What got you here won't work anymore
  • What a Leader Knows
    • Effective leaders vs mediocre ones
    • Good decision making
    • Successful problem finding
    • Effective opportunity finding
    • Leadership style
  • Truly Effective Leadership Strategies
    • Clarify performance expectations
    • Building rapport
    • Explaining your decision-making
    • Demonstrate fairness & integrity
    • Develop a lieutenant
  • The Challenges You Will Face
    • You will make mistakes
    • Leading former peers
    • Finding work-life balance
    • Thriving in a high-pressure environment
    • Surviving the loneliness of leadership

This 3.5 hour module provides you with a course certificate worth ½ a Gold Seal Credit.

Intended Audience

Up-and-coming and mid-level Supervisors.  



Bruce Thomas, P. Eng. , President of RECL Construction

Bruce Thomas graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering in 1986. He is a member of the Professional Engineers Ontario and a board member of the Ottawa Construction Association and the Ottawa Construction Labour Relations Association and The Royal Ottawa Foundation. He has been with RECL for 32 years. His roles have included Project Manager, Estimator, and Vice-President of Construction. He is currently President of the firm.



Related Info

OCA launched the Construction Supervisor Training Certificate program in 2019 to provide a structured professional development program for the next generation of leaders in the field and office.

Effective construction supervision requires a wide variety of skills, such as people skills (communication, teamwork, conflict resolution, coaching), technical skills (planning, meetings and delegation), and management skills (human resources and authentic leadership).

This comprehensive program provides it all, and is delivered in manageable segments by industry experts with extensive hands-on experience in construction’s ICI sector. Participants have the flexibility to attend modules in any order. Once participants have completed all nine* courses, they will be awarded a Construction Supervisor Training (ICI) certificate.