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The course focus is on providing a basic and practical understanding of Canadian construction contract and subcontract essentials using existing standard and non-standard industry contract and subcontract forms as examples.

Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  • Understand what a contract is from a legal standpoint and what makes it valid and enforceable.
  • Know some key legal principles regarding general contracts and construction contracts.
  • Understand why contracts are important in the construction process.
  • Learn the difference between a “bidding” contract and the actual construction contract.
  • Be able to discern the difference between a letter of intent, a purchase order, and a construction contract.
  • Learn about a major cause of construction disputes and why standard industry contract forms can reduce the risk of such disputes.
  • Know the different types of construction contracts in terms of project delivery and pricing methods.
  • Understand the structure, approach, and key provisions in a typical stipulated/fixed-price or lump-sum construction contract and subcontract.
  • Know how to read and understand a typical construction contract and subcontract


This course has been accredited by the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) to one (1) credit towards Gold Seal Certification upon successful completion.

Intended Audience

For contactors and anyone involved in procurement and contracting within a construction company.

Related Info

This course builds upon the BuildForce Construction Law course, and thus repeats some of the material where applicable. Construction Law, however, is not a prerequisite to taking this course.


This course is available online in English and French, please contact if you prefer French.