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Workplace accidents can occur at any time. The nature of the accident or incident and the type of workplace will impact your obligations. The classification of the accident may require you to notify Labour and take additional actions as prescribed. Various authorities may be responding to your scene. Awareness of these details and the common Labour investigation processes will help you to be better prepared.


  • Mandatory reporting
  • Responding authorities
  • Workplace hazards
  • Investigation objective and process
  • Scene management
  • Prosecution
  • Coroner’s inquest

To ensure a thorough understanding, attendees are invited to submit questions during the workshop.

Intended Audience

Company owner, director, officer, project manager, project coordinator, site supervisor (foreman/superintendent/assistant), H&S representative, JHSCcommittee member and worker


Jean Justa, CRSP

Jean (John) Justa, CRSP has over 37 years of experience related to the construction industry. After running a small design and construction business for several years John became a Building Inspector in Ottawa. He then joined the Ministry of Labour as a Construction Health and Safety Inspector. During his 20 year tenure at the Ministry John held various positions including acting provincial coordinator for the construction program. He has been a peer trainer for new and incumbent inspectors, assessed the role of the constructor on complex projects, keynote speaker and a witness in both prosecutions and at coroner’s inquests. This significant scope of professional experience equips him with a unique expertise in Occupational Health and Safety matters.