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Do you get butterflies when you have to have "that conversation" with one of your employees, or perhaps you do not sleep well the night before you have scheduled  "that conversation". Maybe you are someone who feels you have no issue having "that conversation" but after its done you still play it out in your head over and over.  

Well Do Not Worry.. You are just like every other leader out there. 

These are all normal feelings created by the anticipation of finally having to have 'that conversation". In your personal life you could call it the "the talk", and in your work life it's actually pretty much the same thing but in HR we call it " difficult conversations" , or according to the Urban Dictionary it is also called the "Come to Jesus Talk". 

 Join us for a 1/2 day session to learn some tips and tricks that will not only make you a stronger leader and manager, but more importantly it will help you sleep better at night ! 


Josée Larocque-Patton, HR ICU

Josée is a Human Resources Expert specializing in HR emergencies, problem solving, crisis management and overall performance management. She began her HR career on the waters more than 18 years ago with Celebrity Cruise Lines, Disney Cruise Lines and eventually landing in the Bahamas.

Once back in Ontario, Josée began working for the largest pharmaceutical company in Canada for over a decade.  Josée is the everyday “go-to” person for all HR matters for more than 450 clients.

A few years ago she launched her own HR consulting firm to help small and medium sized businesses as their trusted HR advisor. Assisting with anything from M&A’s, hiring packages, policies and procedures, employee handbooks, health & safety, AODA, Covid-19 challenges, employee engagement, performance management and more.

Since has since written and published her first book called Navigating HR – Simple Tips for People Leaders available on Amazon. She is also a Forbes Business Council Member and writes for Forbes online. 

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